Lighting Studies

The 3 galleries below represent several studies of the effects of lighting in different contexts.  Differences in impression of a subject, depending on lighting and position, can be quite dramatic.  I am interested in how to control those photographically.

#1 Crystal Apple 1.jpg

Study 1 - Light on Small Art Objects

Three objects - a cat sculpture, a crystal apple, and a Buddha statue - have each been photographed in the same position and with the same ambient lighting.  Lights and modifiers of various kinds have been used to create aesthetically different images of each object.  The lights include flash and LED lamps and the modifiers include different colored reflectors, diffusers, and blockers.

#01 Elise 1.jpg

Study 2 - Light on Faces

The faces of six people (including mine) are used to explore the effects of different lighting on their images.  A combination of LED lamps, flash, white and silver reflectors and natural light are used, along with changes in position.

#1 Sculpture 1.jpg

Study 3 - Light on Things

Outdoor sculpture, buildings and every day objects are subjects here.  I explore variations in natural light by time of day and viewpoint, and uses of flash for the last 4 images.